I speculated …

… a couple of years ago that Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter might contribute to undermining the Inerrant Bible.

Ken Ham may be accomplishing what hundreds of years of education have failed to accomplish: He might be enabling even witless dullards to understand that there’s a lot of make-believe in the Bible.

Well … what do you know? Attendance figures still aren’t making target.

They were supposed to come two by two, or better yet, stuffed into minivans and tour buses, but tourists to Kentucky’s life-sized Noah’s Ark attraction so far seem fine being left out in the rain.

The Ark Encounter has sold just over 860,000 tickets in the past year, according to the (Louisville, KY) Courier Journal, which obtained the numbers via a Freedom of Information request. That’s just one third of the high-end estimates park officials made when the attraction opened in 2016.

Heh. What they need to do is market it as an offbeat amusement park, and stop trying to peddle the idea that the Noah story is true, because anybody with a smidgen of brains is going to look at that ridiculous thing and know out-of-hand that it wasn’t built by a 480-year old man and his 3-sons.

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