The best of #SBC18, II

To their credit, many Messengers recognize that the close identification of evangelicals with the squalor of the Trump administration is politically harmful to them. They aren’t a majority, though, else Pence would never have got the invite in the first place.

If you have the time and means, track the Twitter #SBC18 stream for a while. The thing that really shines out of it is how psychologically burdensome, how downright damaging, it is to be a serious-minded Southern Baptist. The cultural Christians left church a long time ago, and there’s nobody left but the hard-corp — and a tremendous number of them are badly screwed-up people. Worse, they are incapable of stepping-outside the bubble of their little club and seeing how ridiculous and doomed they actually are, because for most of them their sense of self, and self-worth, is linked to the well-being of the club.

They are The Donald’s most stalwart supporters, and they must be defeated and pushed aside, but most of them have such a small, shoebox-sized view of the world that they have no idea what they have done to their families or their country. A part of me, in spite of myself, feels sorry for them.

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