Theology-related quote for the day

Complicating matters has been the rock-solid support of white evangelicals for President Trump, a man who has been accused by nearly 20 women of sexual misconduct and has a long history of misogynistic attacks; and for the losing Republican Senate candidate from Alabama, Roy Moore, who was accused of varying degrees of sexual misconduct by nine women, including one who was 14 years old when the alleged incident occurred. Watching all this unfold has been painful for many of us who have identified with the Republican Party and the evangelical movement for much of our lives.

However we feel about these developments, it is clear that large segments of evangelical Christianity have a serious problem related to women.

Peter Wehner, New York Times

Ho-hum … are there people who don’t know this? The Southern Baptists, America’s largest denomination, believe that the Bible is inerrant — which is preposterous on its face — and teach that Our Invisible Friend has first dibs on your life and your spouse and children can have the leftovers.

We’re talking about people with third-rate minds and warped values. Of course they have a problem coping with the modern world.

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