Dismal theology-related forecast for the day

Somebody who calls himself an Illuminati witch says the End Times will begin in 2032. It’s all very confusing, and has something to do with the end of President Pence’s second term. I’m not going to worry about it.

I’m very worried about a country where it’s possible to earn a living by peddling this kind of insane gunk, however.

The most recent episode of “The Sharpening Report” podcast featured an interview with Christian speaker and writer Doc Marquis, who claims to have been born into “a family of Illuminati witches” and was himself “a third-level witch in the Illuminati” until he converted to Christianity. Marquis claims that his status within the order means that he knows “all the names, places, times, events” behind “the Illuminati’s plan to create a new world order,” which he warned will finally come to pass around the year 2032, as soon as President Mike Pence leaves the White House.

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