Feel the love-love-love, ctd

I found out years ago that the problem of sex abuse in church is an endless stream of sewage, so I rarely link nowadays to stories about it. But this story drives home a point that I’ve made often through the years:

Prosecutors said Baird is a “deceiver, a manipulator and a sexual predator” who groomed the girl for abuse, sent her sexually-suggestive messages and groped her multiple times at the Life Church between January and September 2015. The teen testified during the trial she refused Baird’s unwanted sexual advances and told him what he was doing was wrong on more than one occasion.

[ … ]

The girl and her family said they have been “shunned” by the church since they came forward. They said the teen’s childhood friends were “stolen” from her and she was mocked and ridiculed by people she once considered family.

Right. Church … family. This is the same spirit of indulgence, and hostility for his enemies, that these morons exhibit for Donald Trump.

This would not be a bad time to remember, then, that the 1st-Century Christian church was a despised cult — like Scientology today, say — and the New Testament is the literature of a cult. When you get that fixed in your head, and understand that Christianity is merely a cult that made it big, none of this should be a surprise.

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