Maddening lede of the day

Memphis Pastor Admits ‘Sexual Incident’
With High School Student 20 Years Ago

A Memphis megachurch pastor received a standing ovation during a church service on Sunday after he admitted that he had engaged in a “sexual incident” with a high school student 20 years ago in Texas.

You read that right. The congregation did not immediately disembowel the pastor and hang the steaming viscera over the door as a warning to others. No. They applauded him for ‘fessing up.

You ask any social worker, any journalist, any lawyer, any police officer, any doctor, any psychologist … anybody who has professional experience of sexual abuse in the church environment, and without exception they will all tell you the exact same thing: Churches all-but-invariably rally to support of the pastor who rapes their children, and attack his victims. This is not a one-off oddity; this is the truth about who is sitting in church.

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