Defending Jack and the Beanstalk

Albert the Pious is at it again, snarking at science he doesn’t understand to claim that evolutionary science is intellectually insecure.

And what we really need to understand at this point is Christians trying to think about this particular development is the fact that what is demonstrated here is the incredible intellectual insecurity of the evolutionary establishment. They are so committed to their understanding of the sole authority of what they now call settled science that they are simply insecure even believing that teachers in the public school classroom being required to ask fundamental questions and to encourage fundamental questions about evolution that they are actually subverting evolution.

This is doubtless comforting to those who have never done — perhaps even lack the intellectual capacity to do — the hard work of understanding evolution, but it really is settled: Evolution is a fact. The questions posed by Creationists have been answered, and invariably betray wild misapprehensions of evolution anyhow.

Seriously: It’s like trying to convince some yahoo that the Jack and the Beanstalk tale is make-believe. People like Mohler are proud of their ignorance; they believe it demonstrates virtue.

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