Tweet-storm of the day

Every lawyer, judge, physician, social worker, teacher, activist, insurance adjuster or journalist with professional experience in the matter of sexual abuse of children by clergy will, without exception, tell you the exact same thing: Congregations all-but-invariably rally to the predatory pastor, even when he confesses, and punish his victim. In a lifetime you will need only one hand to count the exceptions to that rule. Roy Moore, whose perfervid religiosity is an intrinsic part of his public identity, will benefit from that.

Anybody who thinks that molesting pubescent girls is going to injure him with his core constituency is dreaming. About the only thing that is actually fatal to an evangelical pastor is embezzling the church’s money; that gets a quick and furious response from congregations.

“The best defense,” goes an old adage that has been traced back as far as George Washington, “is a strong offense.” Moore has clearly taken the rule to heart. I mean — seriously? These allegations are something cooked-up by Hilary Clinton and that WICKED NIGRA MOOZLIM!! who, inexplicably, lived in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!?

I’ve wondered through the years: Is Roy Moore as stupid as he seems to be, or is he a whore who specializes in servicing the stupid? Today’s tweets, with their naked appeal to tribal identity, tell us: He’s a whore, whether or not he is a child molester.

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