Feel the love-love-love department, ctd

Though the Wartburg Ladies and I obviously disagree on some pretty big things, I’ve always thought well of them because they aren’t crazy and, what is more and better, they are courageous. Though congregations can overwhelmingly be relied upon to rally around the pastor who is raping their kids, for instance, those two go after the pastors and draw blood — and good for them.

Y’all will not be surprised to learn that some people find this behavior annoying.

A letter about TWW’s coverage of Dr Iain Campbell, Tom Chantry, and Al Mohler’s ill advised CJ Mahaney joke was sent to, get ready:

  • Dee’s church-pastors and people on the leadership team

  • The denomination’s President, etc

  • A community board of which Dee sits with her husband

  • Former pastors

  • The person who sent it even pretended it was sent from a regional denomination headquarters.

Well … people who slither around in the dark and surreptitiously undermine other people’s lives are kind of par for the course in conservative Christianity; I’m not shocked so much as saddened and surprised this hasn’t happened earlier. But … no matter. They’re a quality act over there, their friends know better, and to hell with the rest. Best wishes, Ladies.

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