The rise of paganism

This is fun: It seems that the far-right loonies are finding Christianity just too constricting and gravitating toward paganism.

The far right have a definite need to identify with a faith. This is because a good deal of their prejudice is targeted at those with differing religious beliefs. Historically they have attempted to align themselves with Christianity in order to fuel their prejudice against Muslims and Jews but as the tactics the far right deploy in their persecution of UK minority faiths move further and further from the teachings of Jesus Christ they have increasingly started to usurp the Pagan faith as an alternative.

The fluidity of Paganism is one of the elements that attracts the far right. As a non-prescriptive faith there are no hurdles to overcome to self-identify as a Pagan. There are no mandatory rites of passage, no set holy days, no learning or memorising of scripture. There is no formal initiation into Paganism. It is therefore perceived by some as a faith that requires minimum effort to adopt.

The author of this piece is in Britain, and maybe he’s right about what is happening there. I don’t see this catching on here, though — at least not in the south. Here, Southern Baptist is cultural identity, and only vaguely has something to do with theology and that Jesus guy.

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