Turning a blind eye to treason

What do you know? It seems that House Republicans suspected that Vladimir Putin was Donald Trump’s sponsor during last year’s campaign.

They now claim that it was just a joke — but how could that be funny if there wasn’t a consensus that Trump was w-a-a-a-y too close to ol’ Vladimir? And why would Paul Ryan have thought it important to impress upon others in the meeting that it mustn’t ever be spoken?

The bottom line here is plain: They knew, or at least strongly suspected, an unwholesome relationship — and said nothing. They said nothing when Wikileaks was dumping reams of confidential information from the Clinton campaign computers. They said nothing when it became public knowledge that our intelligence services believed Russia had meddled in the election. They said nothing when Trump repeatedly disparaged our intelligence services.

They said … nothing.

Worse, intoxicated by the prospect of obliterating the achievements of Barack Obama, they rallied around Trump even as they privately speculated that he was the puppet of a hostile foreign power.

Now, I understand that ‘treason’ is a term of art, that it comes with specific conditions that must be met before it is applicable, that ‘treason’ in the legal sense is different than ‘treason’ in common usage. I know all that. So, speaking as a Commoner, every last one of those treasonous sumbidgs needs to be removed from office and slapped into a prison cell for a long, long while.

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