The 99th day

What do you know? Earlier this week, with health care, tax reform, financing for the border wall and a possible government shutdown on this week’s agenda, I made a modest prediction:

I bravely predict that the only bit of it that might actually happen is the shutdown, and Trump might order something blown-up in order to change the subject.

The tax plan is a bullet-list on a half-sheet of paper, health care reform/repair/whatever has been shelved again, the wall has been put off till next year’s budget, Congress is debating a resolution to continue funding right now, and The Orange One is ominously warning of a “major, major conflict” with Pyongyang.

I am a very smart guy, but I can’t see into the future. All it takes is to see this bunch as they actually are: A pack of empty bumblers whose lives are cheap theater, lives all about seeming rather than know-how and doing.

I still marvel that Trump fooled so many people.

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