Quote for the day

Clinging to ignorance and falsehoods is a choice. Being born transgender or gay is not. And while we are at it, it is way past time that churches lose their tax-exempt status. Overall, they do far more harm than good and do not deserve to be treated as charities.

Michael Hamar

WE DO KNOW now that there is a lot more to sexuality than plumbing, that sexual orientation is a biological switch that is set before birth; virtually every biologist and medical researcher on earth will tell you that. The refusal to accept that, and instead constrict the lives of others in deference to the things written by some Bronze Age anonymity, goes to character.

Let me elaborate so that there is no confusion about what I’m saying: When Pastor Bubba or your Auntie Grizelda howls and bellows that it doesn’t matter what scientists say because Leviticus says everything anybody needs to know about the subject, he or she is exhibiting bad character and decent, educated adults should avoid them.

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