Another hit for ‘permatemps’

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece for which takes-up the increased use of ‘permatemps’ in industrial environments. A ‘permatemp’ is a temp worker steadily employed by a single company, using a work arrangement which denies them employment– and benefit-protections.

Often, permatemps don’t receive the safety training they ought. Further, companies sometimes hire permatemps to do especially dangerous work because they don’t want their regular employees exposed to hazards (or for the company or the employee to be stuck with the cost of injuries).

Well, what do you know? The Trump administration has decided that OSHA’s safety regulations are too onerous and plans to start rolling them back.

This means that permatemps, day laborers, and regular employees, will soon face a more dangerous and less accountable workplace. Make sure you let the Values Voters in your life know that you appreciate their efforts to Make America Great Again.

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