When loonies get married

Bruce Gerencser’s Christians Say the Darndest Things unearths another gem.

Most likely if you are living together, you are also sleeping together. But the thing is, sex is not just physical, but also spiritual. When you have sex with someone who is not your spouse, you are not only taking something from that person that isn’t yours and sinning against your own body, but you are ultimately sinning against God. He created sex to be an act of worship to Him, representing the union of a man and woman who love each other the way that God loves the church and has covenanted with her. Outside of marriage, you can’t reflect that picture; in fact, you actually defile it. So my purpose in saving my virginity is not to simply give a nice gift to my husband on my wedding night, but to please my greatest love — the Lord God who made my body and my soul.

Your spouse shouldn’t be expected to stand in line behind an Invisible Friend. If pleasing an Invisible Wizard In The Sky is your first priority in life, then you’re not married at all.

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