Don’t trust yourself

The latest installment of Bruce Gerencser’s Christians say the darndest things series goes directly to one of my pet peeves: Christianity degrades its followers. From a quote that Gerencser features:

Our problem is that we are more accustomed to looking for God’s voice in our intellect. Our intellect is generally an unsafe guide because it is usually clouded with a mixture of the world’s thinking, where much of our decision-making is based on our best interests. Most Christians have a difficult time hearing from God, because their soul which comprises much of their intellect, is clouded with self, mingled with the world and yet has some Word in it.

Of the many quotes along these lines that I’ve published over the years, this is surely among the most explicit: You’re no damn good, and your goal must be self-annihilation.

Friedrich Nietzsche was right: Christianity cannot flourish where men are healthy.

Decadence is only a means for the type of man who demands power in Judaism and Christianity, the priestly type: this type of man has a life interest in making mankind sick; and in so twisting the concepts of good and evil, true and false, as to imperil life and slander the world.

The Antichrist, §24

Long-time readers will recall that, a few years ago, I published Nietzsche’s Antichrist here, an aphorism a day. As America lurches backward toward a crude, authoritarian theocracy, and since it’s the sort of book that draws unfavorable comments if you’re seen carrying it around, I’m thinking of doing a repeat, maybe with more commentary this time. Thoughts? Is there an interest?

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