Quote for the day

Evangelical Christian leaders, motivated by political self-interest, are cozying up to a leader who has placed bigotry and malice at the center of American politics. They are defending the rights of their faith while dishonoring its essence. Genuine social influence will not come by putting Christ back into Christmas; it will come by putting Christ and his priorities back into more Christians.

Michael Gerson

This is true, but incomplete and misleading. When hasn’t Christianity been intensely political, and preoccupied with gaining and asserting power?

Keep in mind that the idea of separation of church and state was unknown to the 1st-century Jesus Movement, that the spiritual and political were bound together (as in modern day Islam), that Jesus mobilized a downtrodden underclass and told them their poverty was a sign of virtue, that their obsequiousness elevated them. Demagogues like Trump have been exploiting the folk on bottom ever since.

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