About Vacation Bible School

A former pastor takes-up vacation Bible school.

Sadly, many non-Christian (and Christian) parents are way too trusting. If Evangelical neighbor Susie stops by to invite their children to VBS or day camp, many parents quickly say yes. After all, the events are being held at churches, parents think. What harm could possibly come from allowing my children to go? As those of us who follow closely the machinations and shenanigans of Evangelical churches know, churches are NOT safe havens for children and teenagers. I would never advise parents to send their children to churches unattended. The risk is too great, especially now that we know that sexual predators and child abusers are often fine, upstanding church members, pastors, deacons, youth group leaders, and Sunday school teachers.

Gerencser isn’t alone in that assessment. I recently tweeted a link to yet another story of a youth pastor gone bad at the height of the Target brouhaha.

Almost all of us are raised with some sort of vague idea that churches are safe, and church folk are somehow ‘better’ people — more trustworthy, more responsbile, et cetera, et cetera. No. That’s a marketing lie. Stand back and think about the things you have to believe to be a Christian, and it ought to become clear pretty quickly that we’re talking about some of the most screwed-up people in society.

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