The recognition she deserves

Longtime readers will doubtless recognize the name Jeri Massi, whom I have regularly applauded for her heroic work fighting abuse in IFB churches and their ancillaries. Though we obviously disagree on some pretty fundamental questions, we do agree that the abuse inheres in the belief system itself, and I can think of nobody who has done more than she to expose and demonstrate that.

So it gives me no little pleasure to note that The Wartburg Watch is tooting Jeri’s horn today (with links).

Hephzibah House may sound like a wholesome environment for teenage girls based on the information provided; however, individuals have come forward claiming it was anything but that. A number of years ago, a group of Hephzibah House ‘survivors’ began speaking out about their horrific experiences while living there. One very concerned woman who brought attention to these alleged abuses was Jeri Massi, who wrote Schizophrenic Christianity. This book, which was published in 2008, denounced corruption within Christian Fundamentalism that has brought great harm, particularly to children.

Well done.

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