Irony-is-not-dead Department, ctd

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up: After decades of denigrating science because it undermines the Christian narrative, Holy Men are feeling sorry for themselves because they can’t convince their congregants to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

State health officials are conducting informal focus groups and outreach to try to ease pastors’ concerns about discussing vaccination, but progress is often elusive, they said. Many pastors said they have already lost congregants to fights over coronavirus restrictions and fear risking further desertions by promoting vaccinations. Others said their congregations are so ideologically opposed to the vaccine that discussing it would not be worth the trouble.

If I put forth effort to push it, I’d be wasting my breath,” said Nathan White, a pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Skipwith, Va., a small town near the North Carolina border.

Sorry — but they get no sympathy from me. I’ve heard grotesque misrepresentations of science from preachers, some so grievous that I’ve honestly marveled that the congregation doesn’t burst into laughter. And now, after decades of telling their congregations that science can’t be trusted — What do you know? — their congregations won’t stand in line to get vaccinated and are dying off.

Wait till somebody explains to the surviving morons that it’s natural selection, evolution, at work.

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