Women preachers

Albert the Pious is in a regular snit today about women preaching.

There never was a moment when more than a handful of women served as pastors of SBC churches, but the mainline Protestant denominations were rushing headlong into the ordination of women as pastors and (Episcopal) priests, driven by two major energies — first, the demands of second wave feminism and, second, the impulses unleashed by liberation theology. In both cases, the main obstacle was the Bible, but, already compromised by theological liberalism, these denominations deployed revisionist arguments to defuse any argument from Scripture. The strategies of biblical subversion also took two basic forms. The argument was proffered that either the Bible was misread by Christians for nearly 2,000 years or the Bible is just hopelessly mired in patriarchy and oppression and the biblical authors were flat wrong.

This is one of the rare cases when, inexplicably, Mohler gets something right — the Biblical proscription against women preaching is plain, unambiguous, not susceptible of any intellectually serious misunderstanding.

But this is not a reason to prevent women from thinking, speaking, participating; it’s a reason to ignore the Bible. After all, women are doubtless as capable as men of peddling make-believe.

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