Utah: “a very dark place”

I marvel, sometimes, at the obliviousness of the devout.

This year has been an insane year for many but out in Utah, arguably one of the most unregenerate states in our union, a new program has emerged with the goal of reaching children with the Gospel directly in public and charter schools.

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Religiously, Utah is primarily LDS and their “gospel” reaches around the world. Next Generation of Utah’s desire is to change the course for kids by giving them access to the truth about who Jesus actually is and what that means for humanity.

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The enemy has done a fantastic job of sprinkling lies and deceit through a religion that claims to be Christianity but is in fact far from it. Because of this, Utah is, honestly, an exhausting place to do ministry and it can leave the church feeling worn down and discouraged.

Haughtiness, too, probably makes missionary work difficult.

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