Quote for the day

Only in the Christian (and Islamic) world are people expected to die to self and give God the praise that should be theirs.

Is it any surprise, then, that many Christians have poor/no self-esteem? I know it has taken Polly and me many years to regain any sort of respect for self. Hammered by a lifetime of preaching meant to destroy self-worth, is it any wonder that, to this day, we have a hard time accepting praise from others?

Bruce Gerencser

Gerencser is pointing here toward one of the worst aspects of Christian thought — I mean, besides its falsity. It’s degrading. The essence of every sermon ever preached in the last two millennia is this: You’re no damn good. You were born no damn good, you can never be any damn good, and the only way you can avoid the eternity of torture you deserve is to join our club.

Honestly, I marvel at what preachers get away with.

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