You-read-it-here-first department, ctd

I remarked a few weeks ago that Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious liberty Commission, was certain to catch hell for his tweet calling upon Donald Trump to resign.

Moore, a raging liberal by SBC standards, is already a controversial figure within the SBC, and this will not go unnoticed within a denomination that generally admires Donald Trump.

What do you know?

SBC report calls never-Trumper Russell Moore’s agency a ‘significant distraction’

A new report claims a decline in giving is linked to controversial statements — including criticism of Trump — by a leading Baptist ethicist.

It may well be true that Moore’s criticisms of Trump have hurt receipts; they adore that corrupt madman and, in spite of their moral pretentiousness, probably don’t like hearing from some fancy-pants ethicist — An educated man! Look out! — that The Donald is … uhhh … morally … challenged.

It’s a nice pointer to how squalid the Southern Baptists actually are.

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