Crazy in Ohio

Some Ohioans are severely P.O.’d about that state’s mask restrictions, and don’t intend to take it lying down.

Maskless and frustrated, a string of Ohioans offered tales Wednesday of their personal aggrievement since the coronavirus pandemic began.

A woman told of her favorite gluten-free bake shop closing down in 2020, thus denying her access to “cheesy bread with the best freshly made marinara sauce I’ve ever tasted.” She also claimed her cat died after being refused treatment during the initial stay-at-home order.

[ … ]

Among those who testified was Stephanie Stock, president of Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom, a prominent anti-vaccine group. Stock took the opportunity to preemptively speak out against any theoretical requirements in the future that Ohioans be vaccinated to participate in society.

It all sounds to me like a good example of how self-absorbed a lot of people are. After all, the domestic death toll from Covid-19 is approaching half-a-million — and people are having fits because a bakery closed? Because one more vaccination might be required in order for their children to attend public school?

This is nuts, a conversation that shouldn’t ever even happen. Of course society has the right to require certain behaviors, and proscribe certain other behaviors, if you wish to participate in society. Seriously: Have these morons never heard of … laws? And fines or prison terms for those who refuse to obey them?

Oh! Wait! This might explain it. The bill under discussion was proposed by a legislator from Napoleon, Ohio, in Henry County, and that county went for Trump big-time in 2020 — 10,479 to 4,062. After 4-years of ruinous mismanagement and nonstop lying, that is, roughly 72% of the population put on their thinking caps and decided … Donald Trump is my kind of guy. Now it makes sense.

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