Meet my neighbors, ctd

What do you know? Some local yahoo has hung a Nazi flag from a tree on his property.

A woman says she’s scared for her life after her landlord hung a Nazi flag near her trailer across from the Wakefield community.

The flag is on private property and overnight someone scaled the tree and blacked out the swastika, but many in the area say they’re still concerned since another controversial symbol remains nearby.

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” said Tamera Hayes.

Well, you know, the First Amendment, et cetera, et cetera. Even so, somebody covered the blacked-out swastika with a Confederate battle flag, and then the entire mess was covered with an American flag. So far as I know it’s all gone now — but the last I heard was almost 24-hours ago; the flag wars may be continuing.

Seriously, I think the man’s Nazi flag should hang undisturbed. It’s not going to change anybody’s mind, and it’s like a giant, blinking-neon sign that warns, “AN ASSHOLE LIVES HERE.” That’s a good thing to know.

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