You read (much of) it here first

W-a-a-a-y back in 2016, I ventured some predictions about the incoming administration. Overall, I think I did pretty good.

If we assume — reasonably, I think — that his fans were more energized on election day than Clinton supporters, then he governs with a significant minority and from a position of popular weakness.

Just wait, then, till even the pea-brains figure-out that he lied to them, too, and that he really is just a plaid-suited carnival barker with the mean streak of a cheap thug.

This one I got wrong; as we saw Wednesday, the pea-brains never did figure it out.

My bad. I over-estimated their intelligence. And though I never spoke directly to the likely conduct of the GOP, I under-estimated their whorishness. Certainly, if I’d been asked, I would have said it would need less than ordering a mob assault on their offices to turn them against him. Again … whoops.

The courts in general, and the Supreme Court in particular, aren’t going to want to be closely associated in memory with the catastrophe of Donald Trump and the wholesale dismantling of more than two centuries of jurisprudence. He will inevitably win a few, but if I were a betting man I’d put my money on a lot of stony glares when the Trump administration swaggers into court to demand this and demand that. After all, even the most reactionary of courts can be expected to protect its own independence and prerogatives.

Correct. Trump and his sycophants have been laughed out of court after court.

Third, 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump, and that will eventually sink into public consciousness, as in, Wait a minute! What are you saying? The church people gave us that piece of sh*t p***y-grabber?! Yep, they did — and that will be the tale of how the Evangelical Right and ‘movement so-called conservatism’ committed political suicide. They might make some noise, occasionally score a small victory … but they are done. The Trump administration, with its inevitable serial indecencies and corruptions, is their achievement, and they will never live it down.

Correct. Ain’t nobody rushing to kiss Franklin Graham’s or Albert Mohler’s ass nowadays.

Last, Trump has signaled plainly that he intends to neuter the media …

The bottom line here is straightforward: Neither the courts nor the press are going to be bullied into submission …

Correct. The press has done heroic work protecting the country the past four years, and exemplified the reason for their First Amendment protection.

Overall, not too bad.

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