Happy … Holidays?

Liberty Counsel has issued its annual list of companies that it considers insufficiently deferential to pious loons such as themselves, identifying them as ‘naughty.’

And imagine my dismay when I discovered that my favorite mall hangout, Barnes & Noble, is on the list.

Once again, Barnes & Noble is on our Naughty List, as this well-known bookstore places little acknowledgement on the Christmas season, but rather the “holiday” season and gift giving. Although this store sells Christian products, this bookstore has lost focus on the Reason for the season. Call Barnes & Noble at 800-843-2665 to encourage them to bring the Christmas season back to their stores.

This colossal bookseller, whose customers practice many religions and no religion, notes the winter solstice ‘holiday season’ rather than the holiday observed by Christians specifically — though Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, on and on, will traipse through their stores over the next 5-weeks.

For that they should be boycotted? Bah.

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