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How do you trust this version of the Republican Party to ever hold the White House again?

Its members have sat mute while Trump, rather than using the federal bureaucracy to launch a war against our surging pandemic, has launched a war against his perceived enemies inside that federal bureaucracy — including the defense secretary, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration and, on Tuesday, the most senior cybersecurity official responsible for protecting the presidential election — weakening it when we need it most.

Engineering Trump’s internal purge is 30-year-old Johnny McEntee, “a former college quarterback who was hustled out of the White House two years ago after a security clearance check turned up a prolific habit for online gambling,” but Trump later welcomed him back and installed him as personnel director for the entire U.S. government, The Washington Post reported.

Tom Friedman, New York Times

Famously, a handful of Senators visited Richard Nixon after a release of the Watergate Tapes and told him it was time to go. But now? GOP Senators are unable even — Even! — to bestir themselves to tell the First Felon to cooperate with the incoming Biden Administration — though refusal to smoothly hand-off the baton of fighting Coronavirus is a bolted-down death sentence for some number of Americans.

Think about that: This squalid pack of cowards won’t even demand that the administration act in concert with the incoming administration in fighting the pandemic. That’s how sick Trump’s cultish GOP has become.

Friedman is right: The GOP must die.

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