You-read-it-here-first department

I predicted more than 3-years ago that The Donald wouldn’t leave the White House gracefully.

I can easily imagine Trump provoking a Constitutional crisis by challenging the Congress to send armed U.S. Marshals to remove him from office. I can’t imagine him prevailing in such a showdown, but I can imagine him provoking it. I can just as easily imagine him pardoning everybody in his orbit, including himself, declaring his work successful and finished and himself the most accomplished president in the history of the country, and decamping to some corrupt oligarchy where amoral and authoritarian buffoons like him are appreciated.

It’s on, now.

Recall that it was just a few months ago that armed morons invaded the Michigan legislature; it’s not hard to imagine that same pack of fools cleaning their rifles and stocking-up on ammunition to defend The Donald.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but gunfire for control of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

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