It has seemed clear the past few days that Joe Biden is going to be our next president, but it’s good to have it settled.

I’m saddened, though, that it was so close; it disgraces and shames the country that so many Americans are totally okey-dokey with …

  • Family separations

  • Muslim bans

  • Endless lies

  • Tariff wars

  • Abandoning treaties

  • Hostility to science

  • Reckless superspreading.

Hey! Trump supporters! What the F*** is wrong with you? My best guess: You have cotton candy where you ought to have brains, silly-putty where you ought to have character — and you’re breathtakingly ignorant of your own country’s history and ideals.

And notice this: 81% of evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016, and many of them told pollsters then that they weren’t for Trump so much as opposed to Hilary Clinton. This round Trump’s evangelical support declined 5%, to 76% — but that 76% is enthusiastic for Trump.

While white evangelicals’ support for President Donald Trump is close to the strong backing he enjoyed in 2016, voters’ motivations have shifted during his first term at the White House.

This year, a majority are excited to get behind Trump, rather than being primarily motivated by a distaste for his opponent. Among white evangelical Trump supporters, most characterize their vote in 2020 as “for Trump” (57%) and not “against Joe Biden” (20%), according to new Pew Research Center survey breakouts provided to CT.

Never forget that, and face the truth about evangelicals: Those incandescent hypocrites have got sewage where they ought to have character.

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