Dismal theology-related news of the day

It seems that roughly 35,000 devout Christians, from all over the country, decided to assemble on the National Mall Sunday evening.

Tens of thousands of Christians from all over the country assembled on Sunday evening to worship on the National Mall to intercede for the nation amid an ongoing pandemic and tense election season.

As part of worship artist Sean Feucht’s multi-city nationwide tour called Let Us Worship, the Sunday event was the 45th place the California-based musician had led worship, often in places where violence and discord have manifested earlier this year such as Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland, Oregon.

If Feucht explained how the country benefits from a ‘superspreader’ event that sickens hundreds, and kills many of them, the news story doesn’t mention it.

As this miserable pandemic drags on, and churches and political rallies are revealed again and again to be the locus of outbreaks, I’ve decided that Friedrich Nietzsche was right: Pity is not a virtue. If these people want to do stupid things and kill themselves, then hand ’em a Darwin Award and move along; that’s just natural selection at work. Better to protect yourself from morons than try to protect morons from themselves.

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