Albert the Pious’ reality problem

Louisville, Kentucky has recently banned conversion therapy, and y’all will probably not be surprised to learn that Albert the Pious is unhappy about it.

Now, just consider using the word discredited as the only word used to describe this kind of therapy or effort at all. That’s loading the article with an entire argument that comes down to one word. That’s what you come to expect these days from the secular media dealing with this kind of issue. But there is a final issue and that is how this kind of legislation runs into direct conflict with religious liberty. Let’s say you’re a Christian psychiatrist. What do you do when a Christian young person coming with Christian parents says, “I’m struggling with this. Can you help me?” According to this law in Metro Louisville, it is now illegal for a licensed counselor to seek in any way to change a person’s sexual orientation.

For many Christian counselors and licensed therapists, this is going to be an absolute crisis of conscience. But go on from there, what does this say to a Christian pastor in a church counseling say a young person, or for that matter, an older person? In this case, the ban has to do with minors, but the moral effect is far larger.

The science on this is settled: Sexual orientation is innate, fixed before birth — and Mohler and his ridiculous Bible are wrong. There is no educated, intellectually serious discussion to be had about it.

Religious freedom does not protect some supposed right to visit pointless cruelty upon the vulnerable.

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