Putting Trump out

Bernie Sanders joins the list of those who worry that Trump intends to remain in office, however the election goes.

Since I was talking about that eventuality — inevitability, probably — three years ago, I’m grateful to see that more and more Americans recognize the danger. Some miscellaneous thoughts about defending the country from Trump:

  • The first line of defense is a crushing, unambiguous, annihilating defeat of Donald Trump on election day. It must not be possible for Trump and his supporters to claim legitimate doubt about the outcome.

  • Vote for Joe Biden. Do not vote for some obscure 3rd-party candidate with no hope of winning because Biden is too-this or too-that. The winner of the election will be Donald Trump or Joe Biden — and it must be Joe Biden by an unassailable margin.

  • Talk, now, about the possibility that Trump will refuse to leave office. This probably sounds pretty good to Trump’s supporters, but some of your circle will acknowledge it’s a possibility and make a point of getting to the polls to vote against him.

  • Vote Democratic for all partisan offices. Republicans forced to recognize that Trump has led their party to historic ruin, and put them out of work, will be unlikely to rally to his support in a disputed election.

  • Be prepared for massive civil disobedience. It’s coming.

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