Well said

A letter to the New York Times asks a series of questions I’ve muttered like, approximately, 10,000 or so times.

To the Editor:

Just once, when a “hard-working Caucasian-American” says her freedoms are “being taken away” or her “rights are being limited” by liberals and progressives who urge acceptance of other people, I would love to hear the answer to a simple follow-up question. What freedoms have you lost? Which rights have been limited? Give us specifics.

No significant gun laws were passed under President Obama, even after Sandy Hook. So what can you do or say under President Trump that you couldn’t do or say under Mr. Obama? I suspect that the evangelical Trump supporters would struggle to answer. Because the real answer is, it’s not about rights or freedoms. It’s about who matters in America. And they were happier when only white Christians mattered.

Kate Adams Goss
Floral Park, N.Y.

The sad truth is that the people who make this complaint are merely repeating a grievance they heard from some demagogue or other; the humdrum truth is that their lives aren’t affected at all if the formerly-subterranean gay couples in their hometown are happily married and preoccupied with the same concerns as everybody else.

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