By even the squalid standards of the Trump Administration, and the Deplorable One-third who are his base, the past few days have been shocking.

Trump approvingly retweeted a video of a couple of creaky old guys in a golf cart shouting “White Power!”, and the New York Times reported that Trump has known for at least 3-months that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban for the death of American soldiers.

What does the First Felon have to say about all this? Why, he never heard those shouts and, Nope, the intelligence reports never reached him.


Meantime, the Administration hawks the cheerful lie that Covid-19 is under control.

Seriously: Rehearsing Trump’s endless offenses against common decency, and his flirts with treason, are tiresome. It is time to be done with him, the GOP, and his lunatic base. Put his supporters out of your life; they are not part of the decent, educated world. Put Trump out of office next November — and put the GOP out of business forever by putting all his enablers out of office, too.

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