Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

Count on Albert Mohler to tweet something on Easter that encapsulates in just a few words the ugliness and degradation at the heart of Christian thought.

Out salvation is secure. Our debt is paid.

Salvation? What’s that about? What debt? Oh … right. Being human, and all, we are born guilty, and depraved, and deserving of eternal punishment, and only the sacrifice of blood can mollify the wrath of Our Invisible Friend, who is totally ready to throw us worthless, no damn good humans in a lake of fire and sink the raft.

But because of the (temporary) sacrifice of one-third of himself, the blood debt is paid and we can avoid the lake of fire if we spend the rest of our lives sniveling and groveling before His publicists.

It’s degrading nonsense from beginning to end, and if the fools who believe it weren’t such damn nuisances I’d probably feel sorry for them.

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