An irritating reminder

As we all marvel at the inexhaustible enthusiasm of evangelicals for Donald Trump, it’s worthwhile to recall one of the most insidious of their teachings and to recognize that they’re persisting in things besides trying to kill-off the gains of the Enlightenment.

Second, I can teach my boys to look for the one great quality in a spouse that matters more than any. I can teach each boy to look for a woman who loves Jesus more than she loves him. I want my boys to marry into a partnership where they pursue God together. That means that above anything else there must be that deep love for Jesus.

No. Anybody who thinks that pleasing an Invisible Friend is more important than their wedding vows is a fool who isn’t actually married at all, and who is committing a fraud against his or her spouse.

It is not an accident that evangelicals have the highest divorce rate in the country; it’s the direct, predictable consequence of cult-like nonsense like this. Better he taught his boys to look for a spouse they can count on being in their corner when they need her.

UPDATE:   The same site noodles what ought to be done about the SBC’s steadily-declining rate of Baptisms, and notes this:

One of our two presidential candidates (Mohler) has offered in the past a real solution: Southern Baptist couples should have more babies. That would prove more effective than any new plan or program.

Famously, Mohler encourages seminarians to get married and to start families as quickly as possible, though delaying marriage until the late 20’s vastly enhances their stability and cuts divorce. As I’ve said countless times through the years, and in spite of the self-aggrandizing marketing lies about religion and marriage, Southern Baptists do not believe in marriage; they believe in animal husbandry.

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