The problem with Buttigieg

There is so much to like about Pete Buttigieg: He is smart, personable, accomplished, and left-ish but not cancel-culture crazy-left.

If he weren’t a gay man married to another man, he’d be a formidable opponent. But, because he is, there are some people who are never going to vote for him, even though they might under different circumstances. There are people who wouldn’t bother to vote who will make a point of getting to the polls just to vote against him.

We not only must declare the word of God, but we must give warning to our fellow Americans that continuation in perversion will eventually result in God’s intervention. That intervention is called judgment, whether it is summary or selective depends on the scrutiny of the Sovereign God, but the surety of it is never in doubt.

By its nature perverted behaviors raise perverted questions, that being much more than common conundrum or enigma, cannot be answered and tend to mock the perversion that gives it rise.

For example, since Pete Buttigieg claims he is “married” to his gay partner Chasten Buttigieg, and that Chasten is his husband – what would we call Pete if he happened to become the President of the United States?

Would he be Madam President and not Mr. President. Would we say he was the first “woman” to become president?

Granted, this is found on the Renew America web site, and malicious and crazy — but it is mainstream Christian thought and not far removed from what will be preached in thousands of pulpits every Sunday morning for the few months preceding the election if Buttigieg is the nominee.

I think there is no more important business before the country than getting rid of The Donald, so I’m voting for the Democratic Party nominee, whomever it is; hell, the Democrats can dig-up and nominate Karl Marx’s bones if they like, and I’ll vote for those. If they nominate Buttigieg, I’ll vote for him, and do so with real pleasure. But, also … anxiety, because he comes with some characteristics that a lot of America isn’t yet ready to accept.

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