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Many suppose Republican senators privately despise Trump but kowtow out of fear for their careers. Bad enough if they’re willing to sell out their country and integrity so cravenly. But their behavior shows most have actually drunk the Kool-Aid, succumbed to the cult, and embraced the dark side. Losing all moral sense and actually convincing themselves this vile creep show is somehow good for America.

Columnist Michael Gerson (a Republican) notes that despite the Mueller report’s compelling evidence of wrongdoing and obstruction of justice, Trump escaped accountability (even as many of his flunkies went to jail). Now he’s done it again. How? “By employing the methods of his mentor Roy Cohn. Admit nothing. Stonewall investigators. Defy subpoenas. Viciously attack opponents. Flood the zone with exculpatory lies.” And it’s working, with Republican senators and state propaganda network Fox News covering for him with “layer upon layer of obfuscation, misdirection and deception.” Shredding “norms of truthfulness, public service and ethical behavior.” And the principles and institutions that once made America great.

Frank S. Robinson, The Rational Optimist

The Senate’s failure — No, refusal — to defend the country against a lawless president who openly, frankly, scorns the Congress is effectively the end of republican government; it is surrender to authoritarianism.

A supine, cowardly Senate quaking before the American Gothic crowd has betrayed the Founders’ ideals and — Oh, boy — the excuses are so feeble they’re just embarrassing. Susan Collins humiliated herself with the specious claim that Trump has learned his lesson, neglecting that the lesson is that he can get away with anything. Bad conduct, but not impeachable? Read The Federalist; the Founders specifically warned against foreign intrigues against American self-government.


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