More Graham cancellations

What do you know? More venues have cancelled plans for a Franklin Graham sales extravaganza.

Franklin Graham has asked for prayer as he remains determined to see through his planned UK tour despite multiple venues backing out.

The Liverpool ACC, Glasgow SEC and ICC Wales have all pulled out of hosting evangelistic events as part of Graham’s eight-city UK tour, due to take place over the summer.

The Newcastle Arena has come under pressure to cancel his scheduled event at the venue on June 3.

Graham is the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

Opposition to Graham’s appearances has been organized by LGBT activists, because Graham is adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage, and rests his objection on Leviticus. In other words, he is opposed to same-sex marriage because the Bible says so, and that’s that.

Graham, and the like-minded, are the victims of childhood indoctrination in the marketing lie that the Bible is inerrant.

No. It isn’t. The Creation story is untrue, the story of The Fall is untrue, the story of the global flood is untrue, and I don’t personally worry much about a 7-headed dragon scything down the wicked, like me and probably a lot of Civil Commotion readers, even if it is foretold in Revelation. The Bible, I am afraid, is wildly errant, and those who insist otherwise are ignorant fools — case closed. It’s a bit like Holocaust denialism: pending new evidence, some things just have to be considered settled.

The irony is that much of what is found in the Old Testament has Babylonian antecedents; the Genesis account of The Fall, for instance, and the story of the flood, are plainly adopted from much older stories. Those older stories, being nearer in time to the events they allege to describe, should be more accurate. That is, I should trust Gilgamesh rather than the story of Noah and the Ark, and I should trust Atrahasis rather than the story of The Fall. Curiously, however, few Christians would hesitate to agree with me that those tales are myths.

Truly, He works in Mysterious Ways.

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