Falwell: Virginia “barbaric”

Jerry Falwell, Jr., is some kind of peeved at his home state.

Moments earlier, Falwell had described the Legislature in Virginia as a “barbaric, totalitarian and corrupt Democratic regime” that is “trampling on individual rights throughout the state.”

He was referring specifically to proposals currently circulating the Legislature intended to combat gun violence, an issue many of the Democrats who won races in Virginia ran on in 2019, despite the NRA’s heavy presence there.


Clearly, conservatives are taking their cue from The Donald and denouncing in violent language anybody who doesn’t enthuse over their backward-looking agenda. This will get worse if the Senate reneges on its plain duty to remove Trump from office.

And just wait till the preachers jump into the act with both feet, and start howling and bellowing that Jesus disapproves of pointy-headed liberals who have a problem with yahoos carrying their guns into McDonald’s. The danger posed by Trump is not merely his day-to-day stupidity and malice, but the lesson that amoral slugs like Falwell, Jr., are taking from his behavior.

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