Tippy-toeing toward treason

A column in the Baltimore Sun says exactly what I’ve been thinking the past few days.

It’s fair for some conservative writers, like Charlie Sykes and Matt Lewis, to characterize the Republicans as dupes and stooges or parroting the Kremlin line. But at some point, we must face what it means for Republicans to know the truth but to advance Kremlin lies anyway, even when doing so slowly burns down the republic.

At some point soon, we must stop calling them dupes, and start calling them the enemy.

Ive watched the Senate trial almost since its opening minutes, and have been dumbfounded at how often, and casually, Republican Senators hasten to the cameras and repeat long-debunked lies and egregious misrepresentations of fact. It is not believable that they don’t know they’re lying. REPEAT: It is not believable that they don’t know they’re lying. They do know they’re lying, and they are lying for the purpose of protecting a corrupt president.

There is a point at which ordinary partisanship becomes Treason and, Yes, the Republicans are now aping Trump and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

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