It’s on

Watching the impeachment debate yesterday, marveling at the overt dishonesty of House Republicans, I found myself recurring to a single thought: Is this what it was like to watch Germany go mad in the 1930s? Trump is not Hitler — yet — but his cult is no less poisonous, no less corrupt, no less dismissive of settled facts, no less on the cusp of rage-fed violence.

I mean … the impeachment of Donald Trump is a reprise of the crucifixion of Jesus? A reprise of the treachery of the Pearl Harbor attack? Seriously?

The Republican Party is no longer part of the decent, educated, ethical world; it has become something dark and primal, fed by incoherent rage and beyond the reach of facts and reason.

If you think I overstate the decline of the GOP into madness, consider this remarkable take on events:

President Donald Trump’s religious-right allies are predictably responding to his impeachment by the House of Representatives with howls of outrage. Samuel Rodriguez and Johnnie Moore, two of Trump’s informal advisers and vocal evangelical defenders, were among the first to cry foul.

In a joint statement released after last night’s vote and reported by the right-wing site Newsmax, Rodriguez and Moore claim that “millions of Americans recognize that the House leadership is not actually impeaching the president of the United States but the policies and people that he represents.”

There really is some kind of weird mass psychology at work. Take notes. If the Senate fails to step-up and do its duty and defend the country from madness, the historians of 50-years from now are going to be wondering just how a great country fell under the control of deranged rodents.

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