Cabin Fever in Montana

I guess the storm has forced the Pulpit and Pen guys inside and made ’em cranky.

This is a direct and predictable consequence of the New Testament’s cultlike ethics, and people like me, Jeri Massi, Bruce Gerencser, Tom Rich, the Wartburg Ladies, and many others, have been condemning it for years. It deserves a sneer, for sure, but Pulpit & Pen is w-a-a-a-y behind the curve.

And a repeat of a tweet he’s really proud of:

This High Plains lunacy reminds me of a guy named Tom Valentine who used to host a radio show named Radio Free America on the shortwave bands. Once, he called-up this grandma in some little snow-buried town out in the barren west, and she and her elderly lady friends were right then having a craft bee where they were sitting around gossiping, sipping liquor, and making gas masks out of plastic trash bags. Because you never know when the feds are gonna come for you.

There are a lot of nuts here in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A. Have a good Thanksgiving!

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