Meet my neighbors, ctd

A North Carolina pastor celebrates that the Tarheel state falls short of the national average for equitable treatment of LGBTQ people.

So, I beg to strongly differ that an MEI denotes an urgent moral or American imperative. It doesn’t. And the fact that North Carolina isn’t sufficiently meeting HRC’s demands provides hope that my native state, as well as others, might yet be saved from this growing impious, irregular, irreligious, malady afflicting so many of the nation’s municipalities.

Yes, our state’s cities are below the ratings of HRC’s national average, and that’s a good thing!

Reverend Creech is not an anomaly; he is the average hereabouts. Like most people — of my generation, anyway — I grew up with the marketing lie that church-folk are somehow nicer, more honorable, kinder, et cetera, et cetera. Bullshit. There is as much subterranean malice in church as at a Klan rally.

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