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The Bible is not what Evangelicals claim it is. Educated Evangelical preachers know this, yet on Sundays they play make-believe, leading congregants to think that the Bible is the very words of God/Jesus. These preachers know this is a lie, but their identity and economic well being are based on perpetuating this untruth Sunday after Sunday. They must not tell congregants the truth lest they find out the emperor has no clothes. Evangelical preachers know that if their charges question the purity and veracity of the Holy Bible, why, what’s next? Questions are the slippery slope that leads to liberalism and apostasy. For these preachers, better to lie than to cause people to lose their faith.

Bruce Gerencser

This quote points toward something I’ve wondered about for years: Which of these guys are idiots, and which are whores specialized in servicing idiots? I’ll be damned if I know, or if I’ve ever managed to devise a good test for distinguishing between them.

There is a further issue here. The whole of Christian thought rests on Original Sin — the teaching that …

  • Y’all are no damn good

  • Y’all were born no damn good

  • Y’all can never be any damn good

  • And the only way to avoid the eternal punishment you deserve — Yay! Salvation! — is to join the correct club.

No healthy adult is going to accept such a preposterous teaching; Christianity needs for people to be troubled in order to spread and thrive. And I wonder how many preachers have thought about their own words carefully enough to recognize that, and how many cynically exploit the troubled?

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