Pious poll-workers

It should not even need to be said that a Bible — Inerrant or not — has no business being displayed in a polling place. After all, this is a secular country shared by Jews, Bahai, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Unitarians, atheists, agnostics — on and on. When a Christian Bible is prominently displayed by poll-workers, however, it says that everybody else is other and doesn’t really belong.

As obvious as that is, it’s too subtle for some Godly poll-workers in the Philadelphia area.

“I have asked these poll workers nicely why the Bible is displayed at the polling place. I have tried to explain to them that they cannot leave it out after they are sworn in because it is intimidating to non-Christian voters,” says a Philly resident and self-described “middle-aged white woman” who goes by Veronica.

In June she shared a video with PW that she had taken at her Olde Kensington polling place upon a confrontation with poll workers about leaving a Bible out on the table during elections. Poll workers are given the option of swearing-in on a Bible before beginning work for the day, but then instructed to return the book to its box, not display it.

Follow the link to watch a short video of the confrontation.

Unfortunately, stoked by ignorant pastors and cynical liars like gen-u-ine pseudo-historian David Barton, these poor fools probably think they’re exercising their religious freedom, standing up for Jesus, and have no idea that they’re committing an offense against their country’s Constitution. I doubt, even, that they have the imagination to wonder what they’d think if they saw a Quran or Bhagavad Gita sitting on the table. Indeed, their ignorance and belligerence is a good example of the reason the Founders took such care to establish America as a secular state.

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