Even Drudge can’t tell Trumpists the truth

Apparently, Trump supporters are mad at Matt Drudge because even he can’t spin the First Felon in a positive light.

Donald Trump fans have been fuming for weeks at conservative mega-aggregator Matt Drudge, alleging that his Drudge Report has backed Democrats’ impeachment push and ignored GOP arguments in favor of the president. And now, as a measure of their dissatisfaction, would-be internet media moguls are looking to make it big by creating Drudge Report clones and, potentially, stealing his visitors.

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But conservative anger at Drudge has ramped up alongside impeachment proceedings into Trump, threatening his exalted status in the right-wing media ecosystem. Jim Hoft, the founder of the Gateway Pundit blog, has repeatedly urged Drudge to “come home.” Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison urged his fans to abandon the site, adding a cartoon of a meter with Drudge’s face swinging left.

Clearly, Trumpists aren’t ready yet to face the dismal reality that they’ve been snookered by a con man.

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