News from the fever-swamp

According to several Holy Men, Hurricane Dorian is a deep-state false-flag operation whose purpose is to distract the public from the imminent imprisonment of James Comey et. al.. It’s too sinister for a basically honest guy like me to follow, but I’m sure that a pack of genuine-article experts on sin can be trusted.

On last night’s episode of his “The MC Files” program, radical conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald and his guest, fellow radical right-wing conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, agreed that Hurricane Dorian is a “false flag” created by the “deep state” supposedly in order to distract Americans from the fact that former FBI director James Comey and other high-level members of the Obama administration will all be going to prison.

McDonald insisted that it was not a coincidence that just as the news was focused on the fact that even though the Department of Justice had decided not to prosecute Comey for leaking memos chronicling his conversations with President Trump, the president and his associates were suggesting that Comey’s legal troubles were not over, when suddenly everyone turned their attention to the hurricane.

“When you get these stories and all of a sudden—boom—you’ve got an almost Category 6 storm,” McDonald said, “it does not take a genius to figure out it’s called a distraction and it’s called a false flag.”

So there you go. I’m guessing that, thanks to their expertise in messing with the climate, this is a collaborative effort with the Chinese, and the so-called trade war is itself a distraction intended to mask their aid in this important national business.

I may start a newsletter all about it.

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